// Tech Czar Terms And Conditions //

Tech Czar Terms and Conditions
  1. Who can join Tech Czar: Any IT Professional who is 18 years or older can join Tech Czar.
  2. How to earn Tech Czar Rewards: Tech Czar members earn rewards by participating in any Tech Czar offer, opportunity or initiative presented on the Tech Czar site or through an email to your registered email address. All Tech Czar Rewards values will be clearly presented in each offer, opportunity or initiative.
  3. Tech Czar Rewards Value: 10,000 Tech Czar Rewards have a redemption value of $10.00. Member accounts below 10,000 Tech Czar Rewards have no redemption value.
  4. Tech Czar Rewards Accrual: Tech Czar Rewards will be deposited in the member's account within 60 days after successful completion of the offer, opportunity or initiative.
  5. Viewing Tech Czar Rewards earned: Tech Czar members can view their current Tech Czar accounts online after they become a member. This section of the site is restricted to members only and members must enter their user name and password to view Tech Czar Rewards.
  6. Redeeming Tech Czar Rewards: Tech Czar members can redeem Tech Czar Rewards anytime they have accumulated 10,000 or more Tech Czar Rewards for a gift from a leading offline and online retailer.
  7. Tech Czar Rewards redemption and termination of Tech Czar membership: Tech Czar members who terminate membership will forfeit all Tech Czar Rewards in their account. Those who wish to terminate membership and have Tech Czar Rewards in their account may choose to redeem any available Tech Czar Rewards provided they have sufficient Tech Czar Rewards for reward redemption. Redemption options start at 10,000 Tech Czar Rewards. Any Tech Czar Rewards redemption must be done prior to officially unsubscribing. Those who have Tech Czar Rewards in their account at termination forfeit all Tech Czar Rewards.

    Other members who have not responded to an offer, opportunity or initiative in a calendar quarter will be contacted via email to ascertain their interest in continuing membership. If no response is obtained from the member within 2 weeks of notification, Tech Czar will assume the member wishes to cease participation, the membership will be deactivated and all Tech Czar Rewards will be forfeited.
  8. Program duration/program modification: Tech Czar reserves the right to terminate or modify the Tech Czar Rewards at its discretion at any time. Modifications may include (but are not limited to) additions or deletions to the list of ways Tech Czar Rewards may be earned or modifications to Tech Czar Rewards values for existing methods of earning Tech Czar Rewards. Tech Czar will alert its membership via email about any changes on or before the effective date. Such changes will also be posted on the relevant pages of the Tech Czar website on or before the date of implementation.

    Tech Czar Rewards totals are subject to adjustment by Tech Czar for any activity that is in violation of rules or not in compliance with the intent of the program. Tech Czar shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse or violation of Tech Czar rules and any decision it makes relating to adjustment of Tech Czar Rewards or termination of membership shall be final and binding. Members will be notified of any such adjustments through a posting in Membership or through an email addressed to the most recent address in the member's account profile. Should the member disagree with the adjustment, the sole remedy will be withdrawal from Tech Czar.

    Tech Czar reserves the right to disqualify any Member from receiving Tech Czar Rewards, where Tech Czar, at its sole discretion, determines that the Member has violated any of these rules, made any misrepresentation in connection with this program or any other Tech Czar offer, opportunity or initiative, or used any unintended or unannounced means to accumulate Tech Czar Rewards. Sharing of passwords, codes, or other personalized or confidential Tech Czar Rewards-earning information among members is expressly prohibited and will result in termination of account(s) and forfeiture of all Tech Czar Rewards.
  9. Limits of liability: Tech Czar has no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind that result from acceptance, possession, or use of any Tech Czar reward, their cash value or merchandise redeemed with Tech Czar reward. Tech Czar is not responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected checks, prizes or merchandise sent to Tech Czar members through any affiliate offer, opportunity or initiative.
  10. Taxes: Members are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any tax liabilities incurred.
  11. Points Expiration: Provided a member has not violated any of the other Terms and Conditions set forth herein, there is no mandated expiration or reduction of Tech Czar Rewards earned during the term of an active Tech Czar membership. Total accumulated points can be redeemed at any time during the lifespan of an active Tech Czar membership.